Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Doorman Syndrome" #N

Why is it "#N"? Look here "Doorman Syndrome"

Today when I stopped at the full service gas station unwilling to be subjected by the gas sticker shock while fueling myself and sadly watching dollars going nuts and away and while middle aged all American man was scratching my car with nozzle falling from shaking tired hands I had that conversation with "pump boy":

PB: Hope I will not be doing that sh... work for much longer, few weeks ago I've borrowed all the money from all my friends and relatives I could and invested in OIL, RAILROADS, COAL... all that WIN/WIN hot commodities stuff - I heard on CNBC that with that new 30 years Bull Market in commodities I'll be all set for life very soon.

Me: Good luck buddy, just cut your losses short and fast - at least your friends and family might get some money back...

Moral of this story is the same old boring truth - when everyone knows the "secret" there is none left to be a buyer - short it up.

( Sorry house wives who imagined themselves to be new "real estate magnates" )