Friday, June 13, 2008

So we got "no inflation"...according to CPeeI

I don't even want to get my hands on what "THEY" are smoking, its got to be a REALLY strong stuff - I am trying to maintain healthy lifestyle ( stress from trading is more than enough for me )
It is hard to believe that government officials are diluting themselves, it is hard to believe that they counting on been able to dilute Americans, so why don't we just ignore this BS

It is pretty much the same kind of garbage they use to compute unemployment data - I happen to be in contact with a lot of good people from my prior places of employment ( even employ then from time to time if needs arrive), they tell me that a lot of people who were shown out of the door were denied unemployment benefits on a grounds of "violation of the company policies of using Internet/EMail" - and local Labor Departments gladly play the hand of "better taxpayer". How those people count in "Initial/Continuous Claims section"?

On a positive note it plays well with my expectation of a "rally" - lets take advantage of it.