Thursday, June 12, 2008

QQQQ - what is next?

That was easy, was not it? For the Bears? Well, not for me...after having one of the most worrisome days in quite a while - I loaded up QQQQ June puts on 6/2/08-6/3/08 and had really rough few days right after that, then ...few best days any short might wish for, so finally I unloaded last put ( QQQQ, AAPL, RIMM ) at good profit ( RIMM break even ) and sitting on some free cash now.
I think QQQQ will put in rally attempt to 48.50-49 area within the next few days, I will use it as opportunity to reload on QQQQ puts and this time QCOM ( everyone loves it so much, just like AAPL few days ago )
Unloaded part of UYG calls, riding free rest, will sell when XLF will be at 24-24.50

Now, this is something I like, but I cannot explain "why" even to myself, especially to myself :-)
(TIE) - something is going on, I bought some calls, will be adding soon. This is strange - I was "negative" on metals for few weeks now. Great story - WAS NOT IT?

Good night.

P.S. That stubborn DUG trade ( core position and dancing around it ) took too high of a tall on my sanity, but payback is coming, looking to go short Oil Mighty Itself and Natural Gas ( may be, most likely..definitely...will see )

P.P.S. Most likely will take some time off - never been in Brazil, what a shame :-)