Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What a day...

All the day trades worked fine today during real time day trading session
( My apologies for not been able to accomodate all requests - seats are limited, wait period exceeds 1 month now )

WFC short +3%, TXN short +2.5%, CROX long 0%,

VCLK long +5% .

Now - FRE long @17.95 almost at the bottom - +4% - then...the phone rang...and I ... hit "SELLLLLLLL" - at 18.45 - and I see it close above $20 - I will NOT sleep tonight!!!!

This rally, even counting volume does not ( YET) change a thing, all FED action does - it helps brokers/hedgies to wash off some bad pressure, but it does not change any fundamentals, as for technicals - forced chart patterns does not hold over long time. Very nicely timed, at least FED wised up and started to use technicians to time they hopeless actions. I am REALLY mad today for FRE misfire !!!!