Monday, March 10, 2008

Free Preview is over :(

Thank you for all your comments and support, warm welcome to many new members, as sad as it is, but like everything in life comes to the end sooner or later, free preview of Member Services is over.
Below are screen shots of results produced in this tough volatile market during free preview period and latest emails sent to Members.
Updated ( not introductory) fees will be posted shortly ( Button "Member Services" at the top of the posts.)

Morning thoughts on Oil A.K.A. USO for equities traders
posted 03/06/08 08:55 AM | Viewed 32 times

USO is breaking out...out of highly unreliable broadening formation, notoriously famous for producing really short lived moves in the direction of breakout and high failure rates. I will be starting to build DUG position right from open today - especially if Crude Oil will open higher or move higher in the first hour.


It's never too late to be short... I don't like Gooooooold
posted 03/09/08 08:17 PM | Viewed 66 times

( Thursday's morning 8:55 long DUG call have produced about 10% in 2 days )

I think it is time short GLD and START from gold miners ( BVN,GOLD,KGC,ABX,AEM,GG,SA,AZK,GLD,NAK,LIHR,



It is hard to say what duration of that short position might be, but I'll be building short position first thing Monday morning.

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