Friday, March 28, 2008

"The not so great white bold hype A.K.A. Cramer"

Not watching CNBC and definitely not watching Cramer ( it would put me in the same crowd I worked so hard to get away from...). But my kid all in a sudden got interested in "easy money" ( I will try to keep her away from it as long as I can or until she'll rename it to "hard money" ).
So, she is watching screaming ... ... .... .... I don't want to say what I think, sorry reading public and I hear annoying arrogant shouting: "EPDeeeeeeeeee"
For whatever reason I type it into my charting software and surely enough, like many, many times before ( those who's been following my blog for a while know about "Curse of Cramer" and "AM I been stacked?" anyhow - the stock he is pumping, surely had buy signal 2 days ago ( based on indicator which I've been using for a while and improved substantially). Sorry, will refrain bringing "his" name up for a while - need to take some Mylanta now.

On a positive note - I am 100% net long as of close today, my new holdings include DAL ( luckily enough - bought it under $8 in the morning - WOW ), CROX ( don't hate me, please, BX and DHI ( feeling suicidal ), TIBX Apr7.50 calls, $RUT Apr690 calls, big DUG position, will buy into UYG Monday first thing in the morning. ( closed last of SKF calls today ), VCLK Apr17.50 calls

We ( and Trading to Win) might be doing some public day trading sessions, unscheduled - a lot of people expressed interest and we cannot accommodate everybody - we'll try to find a crack in our time and do a good, hopefully unpunished, deed :)) - if interested send email to email address at the top of the page ( First Come First Served )