Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sector Watch

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Aggs - still sell signal from 2 weeks ago, even after today's FED inflicted rally - might open short positions tomorrow.

Alt Energy - still sell from 3 weeks ago ( never mind oil prices )

Gold Miners - blinked weak buy signal after yesterday's close, today back into the sell zone ( from 4 days ago )

Brand new ( well, it was new yesterday ) BUY signal for HOMEBUILDERS - not saying it is a bottom - it is a trading opportunity

NASDAQ 100 tech components - fresh BUY signal
same for NASDAQ 100
same for S&P500
same for SIC-3674 Semiconductors and Related Devices ( what a surprise )

NASDAQ BIOTECH is still in the dog house ( late to short, don't buy )
same goes for RETAIL

NASDAQ FINANCIAL - amazing accuracy of 3 days old BUY signal

STEEL and IRON is about to say goodbye to 6 days old SELL signal ( some of the group already did, but as a group...things might just turn down again )