Monday, May 10, 2010

Who was THAT? And WHERE market goes now?

When you are in the room full of people after something really bad happened how do you know WHO caused it?

Simple – that person is ALWAYS the one who says: "It is not the time to point the finger – lets work all together to fix this"

Why NYSE CEO was the only one I, personally heard, from all involved who said that on TV in front of millions of people?

They stopped trading in major stocks and pulled away liquidity and of course bids collapsed all over ETNs.  Forgot – who is the biggest direct Primary Dealer on NYSE? Goldy..Goldman…Suck..something?

(And don't even get me started on stupid trades reversal based on some 60% deviation..WTF is 60%??? Why not 62%? And absolutely don't say out loud "NBBO" magic world porn addicts from SEC don't even suspect ever existed)

End of rant

Back to trading/charting/tea leaves…  And – I have a favor to ask – remind me about these "scenarios/charts" – my short term memory really in overload mode now…


On Friday I said "It felt just like 1998 when I went broke during Asian currencies crisis" and then it HIT me – it was exactly like that…


[ %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

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Posted Sunday 05/08/2010



Now – charts galore – they look like GREAT LONG CANDIDATES (unfortunately I cannot say that "RISK is clearly defined" due to huge ranges last 2 days…sorry)

2010-05-07_1823 2010-05-07_18252010-05-07_1831 2010-05-07_1835

Damn EFA – ALREADY PRINTED 4!!!! (that is what started all this, right???)2010-05-07_1900


P.S. Gold crash coming into town near to your friendly GoldmanS of the Wolrds Sucking your money into black pre-arranged shakedown hole as of Thursday May 6th 2010…




When I start to feel too good (or too bad) about myself – I like to read Dr. No…err…Dr. Brett


Three Market Idiots


How would your trading profit/loss profile change if you eliminated a few days
where you lacked proper risk control? Do you have and strictly follow risk
management parameters?

Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D.



And …for those who still reading… it is possible that it might be "scenario #4" (first "3 scenarios posted on Members Site] and market going to the hell down the hill near you – only to make me mad because I got stopped out of every single position – long AND short when trailing stops went haywire…

On cash an resting…or may be will go to casino and play Blackjack – at least I have some remote chances of beating the house there.

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