Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Into the Mystic

"It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage." -
George William Curtis

Just a comment cleaner so we can start fresh tomorrow when the bell rings. There’s not much to say that we all haven’t studied and mulled over already. What a great crew you all are! You are humble, you are focused and above all else, you are determined. Well done, very well done indeed. While the futures have filled the gap tonight, it remains to be seen what happens once Europe opens, and for all we know it will be a Whipsaw Wednesday due to OPEX, so once again.. back on our toes with eyes wide open and ready for anything they dish at us. On the chart below you’ll see both the 200 SMA and 200 EMA waiting right below us here and they could serve to be a formidable opponent. As I mentioned a few days ago, and I’m sure you all thought I’d lost my last marble - this is an important cycle week, particularly on Thursday, as well as the hoodoo that the skies have been dishing up now for several weeks running. I have to laugh at myself about this because I am a cynic about these things, but I’d rather laugh all the way to the bank and keep an open mind than be on the other side of this equation. Anyway.. good trading tonight and tomorrow to us all.

spy_ema_sma P.S. I promised you all back in January that this would be our year. Keep the faith. ;-)

(There is no “Van” version on the net, but this version isn’t too shabby either)

This is for somebody who has helped me navigate this tape behind the scenes day after day, and I will never be able to thank enough.

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