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Premium Members Site

Question: Why "Members Site"?
Answer: If for nothing else then for THIS video posted on February 5th 2010 at 8:29AM EST BMO (pay attention to the very end of the video).

Just one this post

February 5th Pre Market SP500 Futures Update 8:10AM
(of course you cannot access this post since it is on password protected Members Site )
would help you to close your extremely profitable short positions (opened based on TTW forecasts at second part of January 2010) and go long into insane rally that followed.  BTW – that video was FREELY available at that time and anyone who kept whining on "not catching turn" should blame only himself/herself.  Hope I am quite polite…but I dislike people who cannot hear anyone, but themselves.
(not to overlook next video posted at 10:15 on THE SAME DAY – February 5th in hopeless attempt to hammer market turn warning into some stubborn heads (including my own).

First and foremost – everyone who will decide to become contributing Member of Trading to Win needs to understand this:

I am NOT selling anything

I am not providing any much extras compared to free TTW Site

All Members Site is designed to do is to shift PART of the focus from Free site to Really Cheap Almost Free Site in attempt to raise money for sites maintenance and get some compensation for time spent and do it on the recurring basis.

So, all of people who are "in love" (verbally) with TTW will have their chance to express it in action by putting few cents per day to where their mouth are which is translated into $15 monthly. (After PayPal's 30c+3% fees and income taxes – that is a huge sum of about $10 ending in my pocket)


Terms and Conditions

  • Subscribers to Trading To Win Members Site will have access to:

  • Long overdue DeMark 101 educational Series will be published on Members Site only. (Some materials currently published on TTW site will be moved into Members Site)

  • Intraday posts (when market conditions call for it or by special request of Members)with D-Wave charts for multiple symbols

  • Members Site posts will be emailed REAL TIME. As an added benefit – Trading to Win Free Site's posts will be delivered real time as well as oppose to FeedBurner once a day delayed feed 
  • AND...Brandt's 3C posts from Free site will be mailed real time as well! (Not to be confused with his Premium Service at WolfOnWallStreet site)

  • Most of the intraday charts previously posted during the day at Trading to Win Free Site's DISQUS Threads will be posted at Members Site only.

  • Collection of indicators (Freely available elsewhere OR proprietary not available anywhere else)

  • No annoying advertising

  • As an added bonus Members will receive "Quarterly Trading to Win BOOK"

  • And probably something else, but then again – nothing aforementioned costs you money – you just paying because you love TTW and voluntarily wish to support it.

  • Specific buy and sell recommendations will  NOT be given and NO information on Members Site shall be treaded as Buy, Sell or Hold recommendation.

Your subscription will automatically be renewed every thirty days and your credit card will be billed billed at the end of thirty days period.  Subscription runs for 1 month from the day you subscribe, regardless of the day you start,  and it not prorated.  So if you start your subscription on the 4th day of a month,  it will run until the 4th day of the next month and then will automatically be renewed.

One more thing – there is a limit on the number of subscribers I will be taking for each month, so first come first served. After initial enrollment will be completed – new members might be added ONLY if existing members will decide to drop out.
(As I explained before – I am not looking to get rich from $10 – only would like to recover "operational/time costs"
I reserve the right to shut down Members Site AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON)

Now – shall you say this:
"I would like to support Trading to Win

Blog – here, take my hard earned

$15 per month 

I will have to sacrifice 2 Coffee Latte and 2 pastries per month or about 50c per day (As an added free benefit I might live slightly longer due to less calories consumed…)"?

Oh… almost forgot – should you decide that your location in the food chain of free economic stimulus moved down and you want to cancel your "expression of love to TTW" – the magic "cancel this crap" button is right below.  No returns will be made, but you will have access till the end of the month you already paid for.

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Translation: You are responsible for your own investment decisions. Not anyone else. YOU.
Position disclaimer: Authors might OR might not have position/interest in securities mentioned on this site!
If you still don't get it - here it is in plain English by Special Keirsten

For newbies and lurkers out there: You will read many, many various trading observations,opinions and calls on this blog, from bullish to bearish- that’s why we’re different here. You will often see us challenge each other- and often. It is YOUR responsibility to understand and/or ask questions if you’re confused or want help/further opinion… we can’t read your mind. This is a place of learning and sharing, but the trading is YOUR responsibility alone, not ours. Rule #1- never take a trade that is not based on your own T/A and choice. Lead yourself, do not follow. I can’t emphasize that enough. Read the disclaimer at the bottom of this blog site completely, if you haven’t already. I have seen plenty of “gurus” with loads of happy followers take their trades blindly with both good AND bad results - don’t let yourself be one of those people
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