Monday, October 13, 2008

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Speaking of "gaps"

Some gaps are different from other gaps. Common belief is that all most gaps tend to be filled with further longer term trend continuation later on.

I would look at it slightly differently - gaps after weekends/holidays on basically no news in the direction opposite to longer trend after prior business day exhibiting substantially increased volume might signal major trend reversals.

This morning gap might just be the one we have been waiting for - if I still had cash on my "longer term" accounts (such as IRAs) - I would be back in on the long side. Volumes are not huge yet, but that can be explained by credit /bond markets being closed - lots of traders need to see then "unfreeze" to step back into equities game.
But as you know my final chunk of cash (50%) was put to work n Friday afternoon.
So now I will just sit back and "relax" and wait and let stops to take care of holdings if I am wrong.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Looking for trades in financials

C is a buy tomorrow on dip to $12 area, completed TDCountdown.
BAC is a buy - double bottom.
GS is a buy at 88, completed TDCountdown.

Added Oct XLF16calls

$VIX new record 60.17 and climing

UYG TDSetup buy daily comleted

Looks like a day when everyone said: "Phuck it!"
I am buying XLF Oct16 calls in spades ( in spite of huge premiums) - for 10% of my trading account. XLF now 14.30

Short term buy signal on QQQQ

Desired fill price 32.50 +/-
Hard Stop under yesterday's low @31.78