Friday, October 24, 2008

"Everything we love we lose"

On Thursday October 23rd at 10:30AM our dog Taffy, lovely active healthy 5 years old Golden Retriever was left for grooming at "XYZ" Kennels "Pet Resort Hotel and Spa".
In less than 2 hours, at 12:15PM, we received a call that "Taffy passed away while in drying cage" ( Shall it be called a "dying" cage?)
The cause of acute (what is so "a-cute" about it?) death is still unknown, UConn Pathology Lab could not find any explanation, results of toxicology will be available no sooner than in 3-6 week.
For the last 4 years our family was going though the chain of sad, undeserved,untimely events - I don't think I have any faith left anymore.

For all the joy and loyalty - Thank You...
For our failure to protect you, please, forgive...
Rest in Peace Taffy...