Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Looking into not so distant past...(DIA)

It is not even 3 full months passed since the date of this post:
"CongratuFa...Lation - "we"'ve done NOTHING" (Pardon my language - that was the time to be worried, well, I am wrong - time to worry was LONG TIME AGO when something still could have been changed.)

This is the chart from June 25th post for easier comparison

And this is where we are today - as of Friday's open 99% of "Investors" ( "Buy and Hold" BagHolders) who bought DIA or related index fund during the last 11 years was at a loss (forget about dividends or I will have to mention inflation, sommes-nous d'accord?)

The only comparable periods were
Apr 1929 - Jan 1954 (25 years )
Mid 1965-End of 1983 (18 years)

So, my question is: How Joe Schmoe suppose to take care of his retirement if the only ones who were able to profit during such years were fat cats who has rubbed Joe in good time and got bailed out at Joe's expense in a bad time?

Is Social Security, nuh.. let's call it the right name - Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) - inflation adjusted now? No, no - REAL INFLATION adjusted?
Can corporations spell pension? At least corporations that still promise such, glad there are not many left - helps to avoid misunderstanding.

Oh, pardon me, I am obviously want to get something in exchange for years and years of hard work and don't want to die in a carton box on the street after draining all my retirement saving to buy medicines (That is why "THEY" want us to have 401Ks and IRAs - to take away from us later on, is not it so?) Surely not for you and me to have a good time in Golden Years (and I don't even want to find out what is so "Golden" about those years! One thing I am certain of is that if I can not hold now, at 50, I don't want to be next to myself at 70)

I gradually beginning to think that I will have to start to respect people who don't care about FICO, receive welfare, who work on cash and live in today - tomorrow we all equally screwed - at least they having fun today and WE, stupid taxpayers have nothing but hard work.

God Bless America and top 5% percent of still happy people...for how long may I ask?