Thursday, November 21, 2013

Random Thoughts

It all fell into the place


I am not talking about stock market and trading at large although market related post by Tim Knight and general complains about getting old by Schlope’s crowd triggered it.


MarketSniper said: “It is not fun to get old”…

and I, all of a sudden thought WHAT is different for me as I am getting old…er


I stopped being ashamed … let me explain

Even though people who don’t know me (and some who do) can generally describe me as a (at the very least) person very difficult to be with (due to various reasons) – I am a very low profile person. I have been giving to the charity a lot, and not just “few things” or “.0005%, but .. a lot… less fortunate no matter what caused it (except for laziness which I have in myself for all the people together therefore I cannot justify it in anyone else) need our compassion… I have never “fund raised” – I just was giving – I am not going to take it to the grave with me and, unfortunately, I will NOT pass it on to my child … that will do no good…


So, I always had that shame – live better than someone else … I kept leaving tips amounted to the price of the food itself (how stupid of me) and .. I did not like to spend too much on pleasure … women aside … that I could never resist – my next project – 3-5 weeks combo of the cruise and South America with a long friend of mine who is almost 30 years younger than I.


Back to the point I am trying to make.


As I get older and start to realize that there is not much quality life left … I enjoy fine things in life more. Now I am not ashamed of $80 rib eye steak I just had … I know that I will not have too many more, or at least, might not be able to continue to enjoy it.


What the hell am I saying … enjoy your lives, you live only once, do good, but never forget about yourselves…

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