Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Dim Twitted Nation

As(s) we eagerly await the “greatest tech IPO of all times” that forever changed how idiots who are not capable of putting together phrase of more than 140 characters communicate I’d like to note that November 7th ( or 25th of October 1917 by the Julian or Old Style calendar ) is a sad date in history – the date when lower 99% of the country who have been mixed with dirt for years without any prospects for decent life (unwillingness to work for that is a different story even if there was work to be done for money) finally revolted and blood was shed-a lot of blood indeed. That who was nothing became everything… and then history repeated – it took slightly over 70 years, but nothing became nothing again and the biggest thieves in history of the world became magnates … Rothschilds, Carnegies, Kennedys … wait – that was in the different country … but it is all the same anyhow – the one who has not gotten caught is at the top of the world … until those who are nothing and have nothing to lose will kill them and temporary become everything … and… rinse and repeat




Will the IPO of this moronic invention mark the top of the market? The future will tell. What I can say – DOW printed TDSetupSell 9 today and the fact that when index of 30 biggest stocks composing Dow Jones Once Industrial Average did not explode in historic short covering concerns me deeply … may be not – it would concern me if I was long this market. No matter how “frustrating” it is I would better be bleeding my money on the short side than be caught by surprise having long positions.


Tomorrow will be the day when retail crowd that did not get into FartBook will be paying up for the company logo of which says “F me”….good luck with that folks!


Here comes the doorman syndrome #N (those unfamiliar with “doorman syndrome”  look here )

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