Wednesday, September 11, 2013

One Chart



top part- NOW

bottom part - Jan to beginning of July 2011


My very big short position (Sep 6th/Sep 9th) is -8% in just few days due to being highly leveraged. I am willing to give up up to 15% on this trade - IF new high will not be established - it might yet turn out to be one of the most profitable short trades for the last 2 years.  Or ... most devastating - we all are responsible ourselves for all our gains and losses - other people just make it ... WORSE

As I mentioned before - Sep 6th was an impulsive mistake - wave B up did not print yet. Mon 9th ... not patient enough - opened second part while TDSetup Sell was only on bar 5

Being impatient is my biggest fault ... always... I need to learn that it is better to let the trade to run away from me than to chase the trade and fall into my own trap.


And now - today's trivia question:

Question: How do you know when blog owner is BSing?

Answer: When comment section is disabled.




For tomorrow, Sep 13th I would really love to see (SPY) to close above 169.50 to completed TDSequential daily Sell deferred since July 22nd.

But even if this will not happen - ongoing TDSetupSell bar 9 will be put in place tomorrow ... unless SPY plunges below 167.50sh area - .. which I would not mind as well. The only thing I will NOT like - if SPX will go up by more than few points ... will not like that at all.

Trade well

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