Sunday, September 15, 2013


Wall St cemeteries are full of people who were right at the wrong time


Hosed and tired of fighting, but that is what I am – I am fighting for and without reason.

I do not rant too often that the game is rigged – because it has always been rigged, nothing changed since prehistoric times.

But today I have to hand it to the FED – they are a very dangerous opponent, they know WHEN and HOW to strike.


That 20 points ramp up on carefully timed Summers news is a work of art.

I pressed my short position by going short /ESZ3 @1698 – my hard stop is on SPX new higher close.  Loss will be quite significant and shall that happen – I might take it easy for quite a while and resume “going with the flow” instead of standing in front of money printing bus.


The only good news if there is any – TDRL daily held up … for now on /ES … I am sure going to have quite a sleepless night.





Updated – multiple sell signals, resemblance with “pre June 18th” is quite strong






Am I trying to talk myself into holding losing position or is it really what it seems to be???

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