Friday, September 20, 2013

Charts tell the truth-we just deny it

Since the beginning of August 2013


Monday, August 05, 2013

/ES update




this channel was on the chart, but I was to anxious to see head and shoulder similar to 2011, when the truth was staring in my eyes all along





I deserve to lose money for being so impatient and trading against myself – the worst opponent I ever had.

The only good news and excuse I can find for myself that I did as I said I would do and added short position yesterday on open and more today.

It is NOT about "revenge trade", but I think this blow off top is the best and last opportunity to go short LONG term into the end of 2014 (with crash like descent in October - I do not spit words like "crash" lightly - but what FED has accepted yesterday - that without their intervention America would stop... If not "existing", but "remaining afloat" - WILL sink into the heads of even most delusional momentum chasers out there and bears will walk the streets of Wall, like they have never had done so in Russia (another example of the dumbest view on the world outside of backyard by once superior power.
That being said - I will rebuild 100% net short position by the end of next week and I started doing so today on market open

VIX today



VIX few days ago

The answer I’d like to know



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