Thursday, July 04, 2013

Stop whining biyatches – it is a Cool World!

Ever since the beginning of times there were never happy people.

The sole reason of their existence seemed to be one of criticizing everything left and right, all that existed forever and ever and was secret to none and world did not end and was not going to, nor was going to change because that was the very human nature and how it works.

What am I mumbling about?

Two things.

First – Snowden, who I am really bored with and even lost any compassion to his destiny which is not good mind me saying it. He started out as an All American Hero (we do tend to abuse this word, every firefighter is a “hero’ instead of doing their jobs and getting paid for – none force them to do so and death is attached benefit to that job) letting Americans know that they are not safe in their own houses from total surveillance by powers to be.

Big freaking news, but since there are more idiots, than normal people (notice – I am not even using word “smart” – because only idiots might believe in privacy in this day and age especially from the moment they put ANYTHING in the “electronic pipe” be that email or phone conversation). Then there was some long and boring appeal to The Constitution, Bill of Rights ( which are just “privileges” and can be suspended by owners of this country at any time and majority of people would not even notice that) – all of which I still find compelling, but boring.


But he ended as a spoiled uneducated brat by criticizing what always took place since there were not even men yet – spying and watching of the competing species – was it done to ambush them and eat them or to gain territorial advantage or just because they were of the different fur color and “could not be trusted”. He did not like one country spying on another. Oh, pardon me – I hoped we finally got normal person, but obviously that guy just missed few sessions with his shrink and could not handle what is curved in the stone – that the world is not perfect.

I think it is time for him to end that psychotic episode, go home and face the music – at least he will not have to pay his medical bills ever.



Then there is a second group of never happy people. Bears (as market bears)

Everything is so dramatic, so extreme, so “forever”, so “at last”.

Market will not correct, but crash. QE does what never been done to the market.

Interest rates are going to the Moon (yeah, 10 years not went to 2.5% – that is to the Moon…. against historical at least 4.% and beside, it was going down for many many years even before crisis of 2007. And on and on and on … so boring and quite stupid to tell you the truth.

And market meanwhile keeps climbing up, for nearly 80 years, in a very steady pace, correcting when it runs ahead of itself, spiking when another “new reality” comes into the play, but KEEPS GOING UP. Yes it is due to QEs, yes it is due to inflation, yes it is due to rubbing the rest of the world, our own middle class …yes yes yes…

And it keeps going up.

I wish we were as small and unimportant as Iceland or some banana republic default of which would not even be noticed by the rest of the world, but history taught us that crisis that spilled over the world back in 30th after Weimar Republic became history brought to the power the worst political entity – Fascism and I am glad that we learned from that (And I believe that is a main lesson Bernanke learned – not to repeat THAT past … damn – I just made a complement to Bernanke???)

SO, how about stop whining that game is rigged – it IS indeed and just play the game or go the hell away and not to sidetrack people who want to make money and know that world cannot be changed.


Enjoy the chart and fatburgers or the clip that follows – whatever your choice of poison is




Since we are living in imaginary financial world courtesy of Federal Bank and Central planners I thought it would be appropriate to entertain gang with this clip if we can do ‘nottin about it – we might as well enjoy it.



Update Jul 5th 10AM


ANY GREEN close today will print B wave (this is REAL TIME – wave is not there to stay per se – GREEN CLOSE NEEDED! )



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