Thursday, July 11, 2013

Am I disappointed?

Hell YES!

With the market action?

Hell NO! (Of course I have no nice words for Ber-na-ke, but here is what he does - makes his criminal Wall St friends rich - money has to come out of somewhere other then his a....   well ...)

With myself.  Covered too late - not on Monday 2 weeks ago, but few days later even though I have a rule to put stops (at least mental stops) in place when new wave is about to "print" (that is what I call "satisfy minimum requirements for been put on the chart), and wave B (which is of course no more after today's new highs) AND TDST support line right there - one that beautiful Monday 2+ weeks ago.

Reshorted way too soon, started to add to the losing trade, and, most importantly - did not pay attention to how the wave 5 was lined up to the candles - not clean enough)

You will understand what I am talking about when you will see how extended wave 5 sticks to a lot of candles now.

I am still short, I even pressed /ES short in addition to SPXU, SPXS and some SPY Aug157P

I really like it here, especially on (XLF)

It might not go down tomorrow, but I think next week will reward my patience ( do want to insult myself and call it stu.... silliness )





larger chart


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