Monday, July 08, 2013

July 8th (SPX) closing thoughts

1. Closed at 62% 5/22 to 6/24 Fibs

2. Closed right at the “red” trendline through closing prices at highest close on May 21st and June 18th

3. Countdown 13 Sell confirmed by bar 13 poking above closing of bar 8 on 6/10

4. TD Sell is 8 – tomorrow’s close might be as low as 1614.08 (not that it “will be”) for Sell Setup to stay.

5. I am about to give up on my shorts – that is one of the best sell indicators I know.

6. Worst of all - I am out of my favorite cognac





Wallfly  • 6 hours ago

We have also

1. Closed the gap.

2. Kissed back the long term trend line just broken.

3. Completed a nice Seq 13 on the 2 hr.(which I follow closely).

4. Completed 8 up bars on the Daily to presumably authenticate Wave 2. (Demark's D Wave)

5. etc. -- So go down already! :))



#N. Asia is bloody red


We going to the Moon!!!

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