Thursday, July 25, 2013

Entering silent zone

It has been a while since I was getting emails of that kind: "You idiot bear, everything is not so bad and even if it is - stock market will only go up, you cannot fight all the central banks and all the governments of the world" - you get the picture.


Coupled with totally dominating number of people who all of a sudden became so arrogant in their firm believes that they are the smartest and coolest and greatest ... traders ... investors ... everything  - almost like mini versions of G-d all mighty.


Based on that I think I will save my energy, will stop explaining WHY I am short and WHEN I will STOP and reverse short position.  For semantically challenged I present few charts with simple to understand "RED RECTANGLES"


As long as prices are BELOW - I am short.

IF - prices will SUCCESSFULLY move to the upside - I might go long.


My trading timeframes are not hours, not days (unless trade worked out better than expected), I can stay in the trade for as long as my variant perception is intact - and it is not important for me will it take days, weeks or months (I was in gold short trade for almost a year, but few days ago caught quick 40 points down on /YG contracts - I do that too sometimes)

Anyhow - below are the charts with "red decision zones"







300 years cycles are still intact

Delgado said the ships likely went down during the first two decades of the 1800s, which was a time of great upheaval in the Gulf region and in the New World, in general.

"Empires were falling, Spain was losing its grip, France was selling what it has, Mexico becomes independent, Texas independent, Latin America becomes independent and the U.S. is beginning to make a foothold in the Gulf," he said. "So these wrecks are all tied to that, we are sure."



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