Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tuesday Turn-around

We all watched with amazement today as the tape actually did a decent pullback. How long does this last? Well, if recent history can be a guide, it's too early to tell. The drums have been beating louder and louder for the past few days regarding the tanking dollar and the parabolic rise of silver and gold, which always makes me picture a listing boat. This "could" be just a red herring ahead of the G20 coming up this week as the US heads off any world criticism regarding QEII and so forth- so it could be short-lived. I obviously have become extremely cynical toward the tape and normal market behavior. LOL Anyway- here is a handful of charts to peruse, and I'll see you all tomorrow. You're good, you. ;-)  Oh yeah.. one more thing on today’s pullback- WOOT! 

es_11_9 dx_11_9
tf_11_9 hg_11_9

Needs no explanation if you’ve been listening to the news out of CA.


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