Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blogger's email Broken.


It started in the beginning of November and I cannot see anything wrong with settings I used before, beside there were NO changes made to system settings.


Email is NOT sent out when I post directly to the blogs blog or post using LiveWriter – it only going out when I post new topic into the Google group itself.


Based on this info I think it is a problem with Blogger “BlogSend address” – it is NOT being sent out

(Settings è email&mobile è blogSend Address )


I filed support "question" (Blogger provides NO support) and I saw that quite a lot of Bloggers having the very same problem once in a while.


Brandt from Trade Guild is having the same kind of problem – we working to resolve it, but Blogger is not keen on resolving issues…


Lets hope it'll be fixed …soon

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