Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oily thoughts

First time in a very long time I see something I am really willing to trade in the near future, if not tomorrow.

Below are multiple timeframes of USO – poor man's /CL – on daily TD Sequential Countdown 13 Sell, Setup Sell, Fuji-San's ab-cd (which is as Trader Steve fairly noted is "nottin" more than an A-B-C of E-Wave) completed.



240min chart has formed Combo sell as well (though there is a chance that it might still go higher…there is always "a chance" even one on a million …and a lot of time in trading that 1 on a million is the one that works.


It is a brave new world out there, "we have a better chances of surviving if we stay together" [Gladiator]


Here is a very lengthy, but very good "bigger/saner picture view from Jeremy Grantham, surprise surprise – it is CNBS..ce (Thank you so much to

image Iguanadon

for finding it!)




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