Tuesday, June 01, 2010


[move your mouse from left to right on the image below]


[ SOURCE http://wvs.topleftpixel.com/archives/photos_landscape/060828_1662.shtml ]



Sometimes asking "Edison Questions" help tired mind to avoid seeking rational explanation to irrational substance such as stock market

In attempt to pinpoint market's location at this very moment I was changing intervals and finally it downed on me after looking at my favorite TOS layout (6 charts – one of them is 4 hours – great trading guide if you ask me…no?)


Below, without further due is (SPY) 4 hours D-Wave chart – would you agree that is simply amazing!


Everything in this wave is on extremes, a little lower and it is gone…watching here – we are in B…just like on daily


And below is my currently favorite 30min chart


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