Wednesday, June 23, 2010

10 year treasury note

Last time I mentioned it as a good trade was back in June 2009 when weekly Setup Buy completed and it sure was nice long trade right off the bottom (not to overlook Karl Denninger's constant shouting that "it is going to 0!!!! No matter what they do!!!!"  Damn maximalists…


Getting back on topic – now weekly sell setup completed 2 weeks ago, but it was not perfected (meaning "bar 8 OR 9 must be higher than bars 6 AND 7").

We have upside momentum now and also looking at daily chart – ongoing Sell setup as well. I am watching 122'035 for possible short entry for /ZN






I must say again – what a great community of traders/personalities we have here, I have never seen – anywhere else – such an active participation, total absence of useless anger, minimal unproductive cursing (especially since I keep my mouth shot during the day) – my kudos to ALL OF YOU!  That is what this site IS about – not me, not even about Special K – it is about place where everyone feels home safe.


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