Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And the bears said, “Woot!”

.. but not so fast, we have FOMC games tomorrow, so let's stay on top of our charts and be ready for what they have up their sleeves! The intra-day charts are getting a bit long in the tooth in the oversold territory, but you know what they say, "selling begets more selling," so have a plan for both directions tomorrow if you chose to trade. I used to forgo trading Fed days, but now and then I get a little crazy and dive in with the rest of the adrenalin junkies. We'll see how things unfold pre-announcement. Be careful either way.

Once again TTWrs- great team work today, and what a good group to have as co-collaborators every single day!  Just a few charts to share of interest, and to our lurkers or newbies:  please don’t hesitate to post what you have up your sleeves too.  We welcome any and all trading methods on TTW and are chart-a-holics, so don’t be shy.  ;-)  The more things we can throw at this tape, the better!


For those who like to follow Larry Pesavento, here is a link to a short audio he did yesterday- just scroll down to 6/21. 



spy_large_6_22_eod spy_daily_eod_6_22
iwm_eod_6_22 qqqq_6_22_eod


In honor of Argentina’s nice win today at the World Cup, I present again, Bajofondo… time to Tango!



DDT here with "Daily Puzzler" (Or is it "PotzLer"?): "FIND THE CHANNEL"

(well, I think it is more like 6 channels, but price bouncing off different bands quite accurately.  Down to 1077 tomorrow and up after FEDsters?



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