Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thick as a BRIC

Are you tired of OPEX week yet? I thought so. One more day of this traders, and then we’ll see what’s really under the hood. What is our new mantra on TTW?  Think like a crook.  Would you expect any less this week out of this tape?  Exactly!   I’ve lamented a few times to my trading buddies this week that I had this week mapped out for the month, but failed to trade it with a bullish bent- oh well.. as I said to Tyler K- no looking back - look for the next trading op.  Both bulls and bears are now chomping at the bit with their particular bias in place, and next week we have a lot of things on tap with a two day Fed meeting, the upcoming G-20 meeting and the European banks with their stress tests results. Anything goes.  In any event, I suspect we’ll see some volatility return next week, and quite frankly, give me a 200 point swing any day of the week and I’m a happy camper to trade it up and down. 

But on to some charts- and I wanted to share the BRIC charts with you, as we’ve been  tracking the international charts for some time, and there are some technical events of interest on three of the BRIC charts so far.  Best to you all tomorrow, stay nimble and safe as you trade. 

brasil_eod_6_17 bric_eod_6_17
india_6_17 russia_eod_6_17


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