Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Revenge is not sweet?

Since I've been totally out of sync with "overnight/next day action" (How about my yesterday's speculation that we will have market water torture for next few days? –3%?? Rrrright…) I decided not to post any charts this time, not to state any "opinion" and just dedicate this post to some meaningless rant.


Market diving today had to bring a lot of excitement into my day (according to some people this blog is one of the "bearish" blogs after all), but it most certainly failed to do so.  Not even because I was 100% flat overnight (I am not trading too actively lately – I am occupied with different "initiative" right now) and I "wish" I was short, no – I am really contempt with being "out of the trade wishing I was in" as oppose "getting annihilated in the trade wishing I was out", but, I think, that is because in spite of the ability to see that "economic improvement" was/is nothing more than a smoke in the mirror and, therefore been extremely skeptical during this "recovery rally" – I am not a bear, I am just a regular Joe who wants things to get better, who wants to have hope and who is getting hurt by negativity just as much as who we, people who TALK instead of acting and leading, call "sheeple".


So when I see market plunging I see the air of empty promises letting out of inflated non productive what is left of economy balloon, I see CONgressmen who have NO IDEA what they are mumbling about and who are not even capable of hiding what lobby has them.  When will they realize that it is not all about reelection game, that there are real people who already suffering and will be hammered into zombie like existence if things will continue the way they go (and I am very doubtful that anyone even remembers that propaganda cheap motto of last elections… CHANGE.  Shovel it where it belongs for a change…)


I see continuous looting of this country by everyone "who can", I see people not able to find any jobs not even speaking of the job corresponding to the level of their expertise, I see lines at soup kitchens and social unrest (not sure about that one – it seems that we are so sedated that nothing can take us away from Tout TV/American Idol)

So, NO, I am NOT happy to see this country go down…

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