Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Attention late shoppers..."

For those of you who missed a chance to add to positions today here some fresh and few "refreshed" long ideas (ordered by significance IMHO) - when you'll look at the industries they belong to you might raze eyebrows - that's OK.

(PKOH) - it is trying to penetrate weak resistance at 16.35 area
(PRKR) - 9.55-9.90 would be acceptable entry price
(OMNI) - 10:05AM tomorrow morning ( yes, this is time - what is wrong with that?)
(VDSI) - 10.90-11.10 buy price, sell if falls under 10.75
(AVGN) - on BREAKOUT above 6 and ONLY then. Sell if fails to hold $6 on close.
(FIZ) - on breakout above 13.12 (stop loss at 12.83 )
(BLTI) - buy around 8.5, sell if it'll fail to penetrate 9.05 (stop loss @8.25 )
(SGEN) - 5.3+/-
(TIV) - on breakout above 8.53 (stop loss 8.22)
(REDF) - 17.2 limit order
(COLY) - close to 12
(DVSA) - today was excellent entry price close to 10, I would not chase this stock - it prone to false breakouts, but keep an eye on it.
(NLN) - on breakout above 2.64 - have your sell order ready if it'll fail to follow through

So many stocks, so little money
How about going short on (TAM)?

P.S. Hope (NHWK) WILL breakout tomorrow
INERESTING chart we got for (ZOLT) - I would not be very surprised to see it reversing to the upside - this is soooo speculative take that I would not put in more then 1/3 of regular position size - unless it is a day trade