Friday, November 17, 2006

I'm having bad dreams

I wake up sweating and shaking, I see the same dream over and over again, it does not go away - I've been chased by "will never retire", "enough is not enough", bold old man, he is a Madman, he is a MadMoneyman, Lord have mercy on my soul, Jimmy - stop reading my blog, stop jinxing my stocks, you've done enough trying to jinx ID and NHWK, please - go away!

Marvell is written on the wall, MRVL - I asked you to buy in an afternoon post, why would not you just buy it and by happy if you make money? Nooo, some lunatic, one of the regular callers or Jimmy himself had to discover it on my blog and now the legion of r..., hmm.. - I think you know how those MadMoney fans are called by real traders, will jump in MRVL AH and spoil the trade!
That is it, from now on - this site is "MEMBERS ONLY"!


P.S. just kidding - not yet, but if you would not ask questions - it will be, so there will be no more lurking around.
Have a good weekend, will post on Sunday night - password will be required.
( Kidding ... or may be NOT )