Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everybody had a very good family sized Thanksgiving!
When I said at the table that "I'm working tomorrow" none could get it - they know I'm not. Well, I AM - tomorrow is a trading day, short one, till 1PM, but still - market open.

long ideas, but first - beware of low trading volume tomorrow - could be a lot of false breakouts fueled by retail traders. I will have very tight stops - no more then 2-3%

(AVGN) - too bad - I missed the move off 5.3-5.5 - now I'll be watching for breakout above 6.10 tomorrow.
(CHNR) - breakout above 12.5 OR pullback to 10.60
(COLY) - on breakout above 13.5 OR pullback to 12.25
(EVVV) - 17.96
(NLN) - on breakout above 2.65 OR pullback 2.15
(PANL) - on breakout above 13.15
(SGEN) on pullback to 5.35 ( I don't think it is ready to breakout yet )
(BRLI) - on breakout above 25 only, careful - I'm afraid it might be false breakout.
(RGC) - looks like it is ready to rock - on breakout above 25.18
(SNDA) - on breakout above 17.14


(VAR) is still on a short list, behaves nicely so far.

Now, for those who can WAIT - 3 long "bonus numbers": (DXCM) (ATRC) (CERS)