Monday, November 13, 2006

Biotech Buyout Craze

Let see -
first RNAI - courtesy of CHELOBES from Trade Guild's TagBoard made "easy double" 96% - never mind waiting and rough ride for few weeks,
next - TNOX which yours truly discovered on Nov 5th delivered 40% never failing 8% sell rule,
today - SLXA - Sep 20th BullTrapper's find - brought good things to those who wait - 47%!
This is the past now, what about the future?

DVSA? Last few days action has something in common with TNOX behavior ( price/volume wise ). Is it still reasonably priced? It never IS - only when it goes up AFTER we buy :)
I opened position on Nov 8th at 9.21 ( correction: Nov 8th was a day trade, my position is from Nov 9th at 9.63 ), depending on tomorrows action I might try to get it at 9.07 ( I suspect it'll be shaken by MMs ) if not - I'll stay with what I have - so many biotechs so little money and most importantly NOT OVEREXTENDING IN ONE SECTOR is the name of survival game.