Saturday, October 19, 2013

SPX last stand – 1750 area

When I was thinking of the the phrase for the title of this post I caught myself coming up with some cute headers, but they all had one word in common: “HOPE”


That is when I realized that “this is it” – there are no more shorts, no more bears, no more non-believers in powers of FED and endless ticks of rulers and cowardness of GOP and … and … and ..

In short – only complete stubborn idiot like me or die hard bears might still entertain an idea of market ever coming down, let alone – “hard”.


And, I think this is what constitutes the turning point ( don’t get me wrong – I am not a perma bear, but I VERY stubborn and if I am about to  give up – THAT takes A LOT).


Therefore there is no “hope” word … just “last stand” which for anyone a little fluent with the language is … pretty much the same as “last hope”….


Oh well … so be it


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