Friday, October 11, 2013


Yup… the answer I’d like to know…


on Wed 9th evening in

Market update - bounce time?

I wrote:

Now there is a consolidation/slight bounce attempt, but I do not believe downside is over.

But ... paranoid as I am I most likely will cover a lot of positions by the end of this week.



“Slight bounce attempt” – THIS is the best illustration how even just writing about market moves one can instill his desires as "where and how one sees market going…


SO, correctly predicting that bounce is coming and ignoring that it might be not just “slight bounce attempt” – I effectively

1. Did not act DURING the day

2. Underestimated market forces by so much that decided “to close a lot of short positions by the END of the week”


Note to myself – there is no better time to do things I intend to do than NOW.


Price paid …. huge


Lesson learned?


Stay tuned  … for weekend post

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