Thursday, October 17, 2013

FartBook (FB) Short

Market is finally topping out, of course it had to do that in the most painful way for bears or, as a matter of fact, even for "just short" and it has been and still is exhausting trade, which again, was not trade in the best possible way - intention (documented) to close out shorts at SPX 1640 was used to pave road to financial hell where I temporary am, but it comes with the territory. It is the best illustration that trader might be correct and due to lack of discipline lose money. It is all in our heads...


Back to FB short

Nice confluence of sells on multiple timeframes

Weekly(with stop at 54 )



Daily - not so clean - second attempt to break prior setup's TDRL and day 11 of Sequential Sell Countdown


And last, but not least - 2 days interval, my favorite. Made nice chunk of change on last Sell Setup (yellow arrow), now Combo Sell 13. Stop points to the same 54 as weekly chart.




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