Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Recap of posts from contributors site Friday/Monday

(BIDU) 1st update

Setting buy order for the first 1/4 of intended position at 138 area.


BIDU has completed TDSequential Buy Countdown on weekly (cannot be qualified as TDCombo due to first count bar being lower).
Possible TDSetup Buy completion 3 days from now on daily.
Acceleration bands were penetrated on downside (negative), but looking at prior similar scenarios - that penetration resulted in return back into the Acc. Chanel)

I might be opening long position within next hour ( watching possible completion of TDSetup Buy on 15min for better timing)

Possible move up

In this market fundamentals and technicals don't tell us much on a day to day basis, but worth noting that multitude of stocks just have completed TDSequential Buy Countdown day or two ago and no lesser number will complete TDSetup Buy tomorrow.
I think markets are due for a meaningful pop.