Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Hope" is gone...time to start over

At the time when the last TV personality whore who could not care less about our money for as long as they were getting paid for whatever they were told to say by supervising crooks (long sentence? I don't care), so at the time when hysterically giggling Erin Burnett, nonsense talking Chinese Girl, bullish all the way down curly none knows about trader Peter Costa ( list goes on and on and on) - at the time when they stopped talking nonsense like"America #1" and "Financial Capital of the Known Universe", at such time market is getting close to the bottom.

Time to stop pumping borrowed prosperity, time to stop admiring cheap Chinese goods and start building factories in US, time to kick out Nardelly who screwed up at Home Depot, got obscene amount of money for that and resurfaced at Chrysler because he knew someone, time to stop admiring Warren Buffet (GS is $50 now - great deal he's got at $115) and Brad Pitt for one on a MILLION chance they were given, time to outcast Gasparino who "believes in Big Dick Fuld.


Time to ask ourselves: "Whose fault was that? "

Time to be honest and say: "OURS"

WE let them DO THAT.
WE let them rob us.
WE let them get paid for nothing.
WE borrowed from THEM in order for them to get richer.
WE let THEM outsource our jobs.
WE let THEM leave us with no retirement we paid for.
WE let THEM ask us in an emergency room if WE have money to pay.
WE... WE... WE...
When are we going to stop being stupid lazy politically inert self deluding nation?
When are we going to stop playing "democracy"?
When are we going to stop saying: "Everything is really bad, BUT WE live in the GREAT country"? Huh??? Compared to what? Haiti?

Oh well...time for some charts - there is some light at the end of the tunnel there, some major ETFs completing TDSetup Buy this very week - up we go next?


Transports TDsetupBuy


Small Cap - TDSetup BUY



Financials - DTSetupBuy



Energy - TDSetupBuy 3 weeks ago - holding TDST - buy



Dreaded $VIX (why pay attention after they started to trade options on VIX and totally skewed data?)

Not counting "super Spike" - it stalled at the current level - time to retreat?




P.S. I am biased indeed, I've got stopped from multiple bullish positions (long calls and short puts) with losses and BIDU long trade initially totaling to 20%(!!!) of my portfolio is off 25% pulling portfolio down over 7% in just one week!!! That is too big of a risk I took and steep price I paid ( Am I talking Yoda?)