Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Their lips are moving..nothing coming out

What a great system that is!
Testimony in front of Senate Banking Committee is in progress, everybody explaining what the problem is now, they are so damn smart, I am sitting here watching "them" and I know they don't have any answers just like they had no clue a while back of what was about to happen to financial system due to uncontrolled greed and total lack of leadership in Government, Congress and all around of corporate world.

This is a very sad pathetic scene, I makes me really scared of what tomorrow will bring.
One of my "Idols" - James Rogers moved a while back to Singapore ( I believe so), now I think that was not such a bad idea - I am dialing my real estate agent's number as I type.

"Give me your poor..." - I don't know why Statue Of Liberty is still standing over Hudson ( not really Hudson, just making a point) - it had to be moved with manufacturing, intellectual property, now financial industry and soon the last man crawling - service industry to China, India, Russia, how about Nigeria?

Are you still optimistic that "you can become the President of what used to be a great country" or you finally starting to realize that these "lower landing standards" were a part of attempt to keep you from knowing the TRUTH? To make you buy junk you don't need, to cultivate a new bread of mindless compulsive buyers with one and only purpose of supporting rotten model?
Are you still enjoying watching your 401Ks, IRAs, savings accounts - or you finally facing the painful fact that it is nothing now and it will be less than nothing when (and IF) you finally decide to take a break?
Are you paying attention to Social Security Statements' fine print? "Here is nothing you going to get after busting your chaps for 60 years and by the time you hope you will get nothing - it will be less than nothing if it still will be there?
I can hear future "fearless leaders" saying (after complete collapse of Social InSecurity) "this is why it DID happen, now we shall not talk why it happened, who caused it, now we need to tax those who still alive and make them work yet another 10 years pass expected retirement date.
"as long as it happens when we are out of the office" - should not we all live by example?

Is my plane ticket here yet? Are yours?

P.S. Are you still paying for the college for your kids in hope that they will find a job?