Thursday, September 18, 2008

Calling "The Bottom" in Financial

Now is Sep18Th 2008 time 11:58AM - XLF is 17.90 and XHB is 18.10

They call me Mad Russian for a reason.

1P.M. $VIX is at the level not seeing from July 2002-October 2002 period.
The problem is - "period" - $VIX spiked in July 2002 and vacillated in high 40th for almost 4 months. The "bravery" or "stupidity" of "bottom in financials" call should play out by today's close.


DavidDT said...

Adding UNG Oct37 calls @1.60

DavidDT said...

If you wonder what I am smoking now - just cigarettes. Beside, if 10 years monthly trendline will not hold - we will not need money we made on our Anti-American Short positions and puts.

DavidDT said...

Talking to myself - not surprised in the midst of "once in the lifetime events" ( sarcastic, yes).
So, I think I will vote for McCain to be nominated "The Smartest among The Dumbest" - he just said: "FEC Cox has to be fired". I think he mentioned the words "moron' and "jail" - did he? And was McCain referring ONLY to one person?

DavidDT said...

"Any time now, any time..." :-)
VIX is 42 - I think in about 15-30 minutes it is going to fall