Friday, May 30, 2008

Mr. Cramer insists "he is an idiot"?

As been polite person ( sometimes ) I dislike to label people, especially people who proved their ability to make money, if not in the stock market, but at least, on "self marketing" - you better be lucky than smart...
Anyhow, just caught segment of "Mad Money for Dummies" where Mr. Cramer announced that he is an idiot because he bought Citrix Systems ( CTXS) in the Spring of 2006. In this particular case I really have to respectfully agree with Mr. Cramer, especially since he probably bought it from me - I sold CTXS on the week of May 1st of 2006. Not because he was anxious to buy from me, but because I wanted to sell the stock which exhibited the signs of possible collapse. Below are weekly and monthly charts of CTXS with sell signals for that time period.

"Mad Money" rules! At least for as long as hopeful lazy ignorance exists - which is - forever.