Thursday, May 29, 2008


Nice week - when you get the action right indeed...
Completed building QQQQ long puts position, might add few if market will gap on the open tomorrow.
DUG long and OIH puts ( so few left that it is no relevant really) doing just fine, although I expect DUG to fail run on $30 tomorrow, pull back to $29 where I might add to position and, for some reason, I have a feeling that, since $30 is a really strong short term resistance area - DUG will just use some excuse and gap up on Monday morning.

Here my new trade ideas
Hope financial will dip some tomorrow - I will load up UYG,
same goes for homebuilders ( much smaller than UYG intended position )

Here is something very interesting - health care is coming back to life (?) - XLV is moving up, attempting to break out of slightly ascending price channel - why ? Democrats/Republicans - who cares -they don't care - why would I or health care care ( what was THAT?) - I guess it just cannot get any worse - will be a buyer for my IRAs.

These are the trades I will stay away from for the next few days:
Metals, agg commodities, other commodities, semiconductors...even in spite of the fact that all of them have sell signals, but I think there going to be high volatility on those - I think I need some sleep, good one.
P.S. Trying to come up with some lame reason "why financials will go up" - why not? If NASDAQ will go down and commodities trade is on a downslope - where the money will go? Mattress?
I need a drink, or two...
Any ladies here - I am
b o r i n g ...