Thursday, May 01, 2008

(AMD) - the stock that never stops...falling

I have to be ashamed of myself, but I am not.
I even searched my own blog to make certain that I did not disgrace its quality by bringing (AMD) word up in any context other than SHORT.
I have not...until today.

Today I declare Advanced Micro Devices the new long term play - LONG as LONG...yes
( What is so "Advanced" there anyways?)
Closing price as of today is $6.22

I will just buy it tomorrow on open and will not look at it till December 2008 or until I get email alert with text: "Alert has been triggered for last AMD price >= $12 or ...until different kind of email: "Your stop order to sell AMD was executed at the price of $5.30 - whichever comes first. :-)

Time to take my medicine....

P.S. WHY? I don't know....may be CEO is going to resign to enjoy milked money, may be Apple is going to buy it...