Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Morning notes

Firstly - FED...yeah...why do we pay taxes? Pretty much the same question as: "Why do they hire incompetent managers?" That answer I know: "Friend of a friend, nada to do with business intelligence or intelligence at all"
Enough said...

Posted on TradeGuild TagBoard this morning
( first message is down under:):
23/01/2008 08:05:10
oh, before it is too late get into (TSO) long ( (VLO) and other refiners will move as well ) good for big position size
23/01/2008 08:03:43
Ari9900 is not with us, so I think his (ROCM) will be moving UPppp soon
23/01/2008 08:02:27
Good morning all. Is (JADE) due for a POPppp?


Anonymous said...

David - why don't you have tagboard/chat on your blog? Luckily for me, I know you are hanging on tradeguild sometimes and I saw you call for "turnaround day " today, and you were dead on on market last few days - so I crossed my fingers and bought boatload of calls today on open, closed my eyes - well, 10% is yours my friend - can you hear it ringing in PayPal? :) Thanks man!