Thursday, January 10, 2008

CRY Baby, CRY!

Firstly, thank you for all contributions I have received from those who appreciated "entertaining" value of " Airlines putting tradable bottom" phrase. Some of you, obviously, can understand what you are reading - once again - contributions appreciated - and your appreciation keeps this site alive.

From stocks mentioned in prior post
(KG) - jumped about 20% withing next 2 days
(LPNT) - slightly down right off the bet and according to my trading rules - never been bought - I do not buy on the way down. Same goes for (MPEL) - people will stop gambling in tough economy? Never happened before will not happen now - but discipline and patience - no trade.
(ENER) - decided not to buy calls - was way too exposed on the long side in a very bad tape - kamikaze act, but paid off.
(VCLK) - way underwater with calls - a lot of things might change in a blink of an eye these days.

Now, my new idea ( reflected in meaningless post title :) - (CRY) - I will buy on pullback to $8.5 area, nice earnings today, nicely handled conference call, I think it'll be a good long trade on pullback tomorrow (not to overlook that biotech earnings season kicks off on Monday )