Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Life is good, even if you long

No questions, I sound like I'm going nuts, more nuts than I already am...
No, not yet at least.
Took a hit today, although did unload most of my long positions yesterday, including big chunk of (VCLK) Jan22.5 calls ( cost .45 ) sold most of it on "unexpected upgrade" @.65 and gave profit up today on the rest of the bunch.

Here, some long ideas, I might buy tomorrow morning when market will collapse after (INTC) fiasco today after hours:
(BRKR) Feb12.50 calls,
(HNSN) - if it drops reasonably tomorrow morning will buy Feb25 calls,
(OSIP) - if holds 41 level next 2 days.

And I will be lining up short ideas in case if FEDs are going to panic and cut rates Friday morning.

Oh, and I bought another lotto ticket ( which will worth NOTHING Friday after the close) - (JBLU) Jan5 calls