Sunday, January 06, 2008

All the right moves...

Firstly - totally cashed out on all of triggered positions with such a marginal profit that I will not wright home about.
But got options trade quite nicely at a profit of over 100% in 5 days - here is how - in order to explain logic behind the trade I need to use my posts on TradeGuild's Tagboard
At about Dec 26 I wrote: "Today is most likely is the last "markup day" ( Tuts propping up prices of well performed securities in order to look better on quarterly report ) Since it cannot be done due to obvious reasons during the last few days of the quoter - SEC watching, plus human desire to go on vacation on holidays - last few days I expected to be not so good. And first few days I expected selloff to kickoff - I thought due to current market/economy conditions everyone would want to cash in on profits and then some more of the same...

So, based on these assumptions I opened substantial position in RIMM Jan110 puts (RULMB) @3.25
Once in a while you CAN time the market - closed position on Jan 3rd at avarage profit of over 100% ( could have been more should I hold another day - traded as high as $9 a pop ... shoulda-coulda-woulda) - cannot complain anyways.

Next week will start from Monday morning selloff ( retail chickened out and called Friday screaming: "SELL MY MUTUAL FUNDS ... NOW!!!"
"Now" is Monday Jan 7th morning indeed )
Then, may be even Monday or Tuesday market will go up - why???
Do you think that jobs report came as a big surprise and really affected market action? BS - everyone knew that with lay offs in financial industry that has to be expected - media just want you to believe that is was "shocking surprise"

I am not saying we are on the road to another bull market - I am saying that if there are some long positions yet to be closed or short positions to be opened - next week or two will provide such opportunities.

Now - off the topic - for those of you who had not so pleasant travel experience during holidays - read on - could have been worse :)