Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"Weather forecast"

Of course not, but what would you call it when I say:
"Tomorrow we are going to have a very nice day ( green day on market)
sunshine ( stocks over 500M market cap will go up ),
relatively warm and comfortable ( volatility low),
it will carry over to Friday morning (session) and then we are going to see some rain ( controlled selloff).
Next week going to be least to say "un-exiting" with possibility of insulated tornadoes and avalanches.
Don't forget your umbrellas ( I'm 20% cash now, no margin - WOW!)

P.S. Almost forgot - "congratulations" - we've got ourselves another failed perfectly good breakout - (TIBX). So much for the moment of glory!

P.P.S. Forgot again - here is unusually short list of longs:
(CLRK) (FIZ) (NANX) (CAAS)+ (SWSI) (CCC) above 6.22

Note: + or - sign after stock symbol is a disclosure of my long + or short + position at the time of writing