Tuesday, December 05, 2006

SIRI or "My word is stronger then oak"

Those of you who thought "Jerry McGuire" are correct - same kind of "word". Some of you saw "that" Cramer's show ( circus?).
Now I have a real question: What are the chances that misleading 'we are on target' statement was not the only 'not quite complete statement' on that show - how 'about 'We are NOT going to merge with XMSR'
Hmm.. I think - I beginning to believe that merger IS in store.

"Tonight only" Brandt ( A.K.A. BullTrapper publisher of Trade Guild Investment blog ) will be hosting video presentation on the subject of "SIRI happens".

Please visit the site of my friend, teacher ( at his young age he achieved more than most people who lived the market twice as long), whose discipline and dedication helps me to stay the course.